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Curious Museums in Valencia

This week we bring you a very curious post as we are celebrating the International Museum Day, and because we have that much museums in Valencia we would like you to know them all. We want you to know the most curious museums dedicated to a particular object, food, person … Let’s start!

There are many distinctive features of Valencian culture: gastronomy, local sports, parties, clothing … and such is the identity that they have dedicated their small space

Museu de la Pilota: ‘La Pilota’ (the ball) has been the star sport in our community but truth is that over the years, his practice has fallen into disuse being almost unusual.

Rice Museum: rice is the star ingredient in Valencian cuisine, and a sign of identity had to have dedicated more than a museum.

Horchata Museum: we haven’t got just rice, we also have horchata… and even better if it is cold! If you are in the city stop by and visit Horchata Museum at Alboraya and treat yourself with one!

-Chocolate Museum: Valor is one of the most famous chocolates in the country and its museum is located in Villajoyosa; there is another chocolate museum where you will learn its origin and how to make it.




Shoe Museum: the southern part of Valencia has been the heart of to the shoe industry (Elche, Villena, Elda…) worth visiting and renew closet! Supporting the product made in Spain.

Fan Museum the fan has always been a supplement that has the function of stifling summer temperatures at this region but years ago was given another use: the language. Curious at the same time sophisticated.


las provincias.es
las provincias.es



The Porcelain City: Valencia and Castellon are cities where the porcelain and ceramics have been world reference. Quality, delicacy, designs … one of the best!

International Museu de les Titelles and Toy Museum: are two fun and colourful museums will be the ideal places to go and visit with children.

Fallas Museum: if you visit Valencia outside Fallas week you can visit this museum and discover what Las Fallas are made for.

Microminiature Museum and Microgigantes Museum: its names say all. Go and visit them, you’ll be fascinated!

-Medieval Historical Museum: not suitable for cowards where you will find a section of medieval torture, creepy!




Nino Bravo Museum: The star of the city is still alive in this museum.

Benlliure House Museum: where the painter lived and where is part of his work.

House Museum Blasco Ibáñez: where the writer was inspired to create his work, a privilege!




House-Museum Concha Piquer: folklore lovers, it is a must! You cannot miss it!


As you can see, Valencian Community maintains its culture alive by dedicating space to what is mark of distinction.


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