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Valencia is a modern, cosmopolitan city, adapted to the new times and the thousands of visitors who each year choose our city as a tourist destination. But Valencia is also a centennial, historical, monumental city and with very ingrained and present traditions.

Therefore, in addition to its monuments, Valencia also retains many shops, which are sometimes centennial, and which preserve almost intact its essence and even its yesteryear appearance.




From SingularStays we want to propose you a route through the oldest shops of the city. An entire world to discover for antiques, relics and ‘vintage’ objects lovers.
Are you with us?




In the center of the city, just on the same sidewalk of the Lonja (Gothic building declared World Heritage by Unesco) we find one of the oldest baskets shops of the city. The regular shuttles use to take the orders of the Central Market to the towns near the city in that street. First it was done in horse carriages and later with modern transports.

Also in the surroundings of the Central Market we find other shops like Carmen Tarazón Llorens, specialized in products made with wool.
Very close from there we discovered the shop of the Iron Pots, which was founded in 1793 and sells articles and accessories for fallera costumes. In this video you can know a little more about it: its articles, its spaces, and its history.

In the Dr Collado square, which has become a beautiful meeting point of the city, we come across a long-life hardware store ‘Hijas de Blas Luna’.

Near the town hall square is another of the most traditional textile stores: ‘El Angel de Plata’, which maintains almost intact its old shop windows, counters and wooden shelves. In the street Músico Peydró, Almacenes El Globo still retains its essence. There we can find all kinds of household items, decoration and traditional wicker objects.





Undoubtedly, one of the most emblematic and charming places in Valencia is the Plaza Redonda. Built in 1840, its traditional character increases with the businesses you will find there. Many of the shops are specialized mainly in ceramics and the textile trade.

Very close to the Church of Santa Catalina there is another very traditional business, the Santa Catalina Chemistry.
The Libreria Regolf specialized in trips and maps or the Chuliá Bindings, are some of the literary shops that still retain their essence.
At Turrones Ramos (very close to the Torres de Serrano), we can find a great variety and flavors of this delicious sweet. Over the years, this business has been updated and has a website that guides us perfectly for all the products of this centenary place.
Other outstanding establishments are the gourmet shop Palmero Carnicería or Casa Viguer, a business located next to the cathedral dedicated to sell artistic material that practically stays the same as a century ago.
Nothing better than staying in a central apartment and just walk a few streets to discover the most hidden back of our city. That is why, from SingularStays we invite you to get to know the most traditional and historical Valencia of the hand of these businesses that surely will transport you many years ago. Shall we go shopping?

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