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Today from SingularStays we want you to know better one of our more charming apartments. Actually, there are four, so we are going to talk about Bolseria I, II, II and IV. These groups of tourist apartments have the particularity of being practically equal, having a super central location in El Carmen neighborhood, and the best of all, they share a spectacular terrace.




It doesn’t matter the station of the year in which you visit Valencia, the Sun shines almost 300 days a year, for what you will be charmed with this terrace and make the most of it… To take a full breakfast in our terrace enjoying the good views of the center of Valencia is an authentic privilege. Haven’t you already fallen in love with out Bolseria apartments? This in only the beginning…




Bolseria I is a modern studio apartment with capacity for three people. Of it you will be charmed with its big large wood windows and the comfort that is breathed once you are there. Its opened kitchen, its floors, its modern and functional decoration and the light that enters in… In Bolseria I everything is perfect.




About Bolseria II we distinguish its neutral tonalities, which give the apartment a cozy environment. In addition, we love the corners in which the light enters to streams… In Bolseria II tranquility and relaxation is all around.




Bolseria III, as the rest, besides having a central and perfect location, near the plaza de la Virgen and the Cathedral, has a very special bedroom. After a day of tourism through Valencia, there is no better plan than arriving to Bolseria III and rest in a place like this one.




About Bolseria IV we want to highlight its wooden beams, which give the apartment a more rustic and comfortable aspect. Moreover, as the rest of the apartments, Bolseria IV has capacity for three people and has a perfect location for a holiday in Valencia. We are stunned about its big large wood windows that give extra light and its balconies.




Don’t forget that all of them share a spectacular terrace at the top of the building with fantastic views, and that is close to such emblematic buildings as La Lonja, el Mercado Central or Valencia’s Cathedral. Now you know that staying at these apartments is a perfect choice. Don’t you think so?

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