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Vilaparades is an amazing apartment. It is located near Ángel Guimerá, a usual area of ​​restaurants and drinks and just 10 minutes from the city center, Vilaprades has many hidden treasures. One of them, and perhaps the main one, is its magnificent urban terrace.




On its terrace, which is 15 square meters, all details are taken care of to the maximum. It is an ideal space to enjoy the good weather of the city of Valencia. You will love having breakfast or lunch on this urban terrace overlooking the city. A place for relaxation and fun that you will love as soon as you discover it.



But its interior has nothing to envy to this beautiful terrace. Another of the treasures of Vilaprades is its fireplace. Located in the living room, it is the ideal option to give warmth to the whole house… A coffee, a hot chocolate, a good conversation next to the fireplace… Do not you think the ideal plan?



Its dining room is spacious and full of light. In Vilaprades the decoration is kept to the millimeter and the interior design is one of the priorities of this apartment, which is also fully equipped with everything you need for your stay.



Vilaprades is a place where you can feel joy and good vibes in each of its rooms. Perhaps it is because of its warm tones and its abundant centers of flowers and plants. There are corners that are simply beautiful…



Vilaprade’s bedroom is also stunning. We love the facebrik pillars and the arch that acts as a canopy in the bed. A very cozy place. Taking breakfast in this bed is a real privilege. Don’t you think so?



Sure you have loved this accommodation, so you know, you can book it with just a click and for a very good price. Don’t let this opportunity pass. Vilaprades is waiting for you.

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