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Day trip to Xàtiva

Have you booked a longer trip to Valencia and would you like to spend a day outside the city? Maybe a visit to Xàtiva is something for you! In this blog I will tell you what to do / see and how to get there.

Xàtiva is a pleasant town about 60 kilometers from Valencia. There are a number of sights that are definitely worth a visit! First, Castillo. After a tough ride to the top of the mountain, you will arrive at the castles «Mayor» and «Menor» and have a beautiful view over Xàtiva and you can enjoy a drink on the terrace. Would you rather not walk all the way up? At the tourist information you can buy a ticket for the train that takes you upstairs for € 3.60 per person. The castle can be viewed from the inside for € 2.40 per person and is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.

The old town of Xàtiva is also definitely worth a look. If you come by train from Valencia, you immediately walk into the historic center. From the square, the tourist train runs along all kinds of winding roads to the top of the mountain, to Castillo. In the historic center there are countless alleys where you can wander through.

Other places of interest in Xàtiva:

  • Colegiata Basílica de Santa María is a church built entirely in Gothic style inside. There is also a museum in the church. The entrance is free!
  • Hospital Reial is opposite the basilica above. This former hospital is a beautiful imposing monument in the old town of Xàtiva.
  • Museu de l’Almodí is the perfect place to learn a bit more about the history of Xàtiva. Today, the museum has a modern exhibition space focused on archeology. The entrance is free!

How do you get there? Xàtiva is very easy to reach by train from Valencia. In less than an hour you are in the old town of Xàtiva. Perfect for a day trip! From València-Nord train station, take the direct train to Xàtiva Station. The prices vary per day, so for current prices take a look at

Got excited about a day trip to Xàtiva? How nice! At you will find many more great tips for places of interest in this nice town. Have fun!

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