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Exploring Street Art in El Carmen

You will encounter a lot while walking or cycling through sun-drenched Valencia. From famous sights in large squares to beautiful street art works in narrow streets. Street art is abundant, especially in the neighborhood of El Carmen. El Carmen is the place where artists have spent years indulging on the walls, making the neighborhood a chain of street art. And that’s worth a look!

Street art is generally a less known landmark in Valencia, but it does play an important role in the city. As mentioned earlier, the El Carmen district is known for its street art, which we will focus on in this blog.

El Carmen is one of the nicest neighborhoods in Valencia and it is located in the historic center of the city. It is a neighborhood with history, which is still clearly visible. For example, the old city gates are on the edge of this district and there is an ancient cathedral. It is a typical Spanish neighborhood with many beautiful high buildings, churches, nice boutiques, narrow alleys and there is a bar or restaurant on every corner of the street! It is a very artistic district, where crumbled walls are decorated with the most beautiful works of art. You will not get bored, everywhere you look you will be surprised by the most fascinating street art.

Some of the things to see when you are in Valencia are the works of Escif. Escif is a well-known artist, his creations have not gone unnoticed all over Spain, and beyond. The artworks can be recognized by the use of color: black and sand-colored tones on a light background. In the Plaza del Tossal you can find a work of art of him with cars. Do you prefer Japanese cartoons? Then Julieta’s creations are highly recommended! Her work can be recognized by many cheerful colors, rainbows and lovely things like butterflies and dolls. These creations are less tough, but they have a cheerful look. Also the happy black dolls of David de Limón cannot go unnoticed. Many of his creations feature happy, mischievous black dolls that appear behind a protruding wall, for example.

In addition to the works of these famous artists, many more creations can be found in Valencia. Are you looking for this beautiful piece of art in Valencia? Have fun!

Street art in El Carmen

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